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Fancy Girl Lifestyle is set to launch their VIP Paint and Sip event this August.

Fancy Girl Lifestyle (FGL) will bring forth a new and exciting event as part as their Red Carpet event series which was announced at the top of the year.

The Red Carpet event series was created to expose kids to unique and upscale social events while serving to promote self confidence and self esteem.

On August 20th 2023 FGL will host their first Paint and Sip mixer in partnership with Art Space located in Yorktown center. The event will focus on creativity and social networking to help reduce social anxiety as we approach and celebrate the start of a new school year.

Attendees can expect to partake in fun networking activities and learn tips on how to overcome social anxiety, while also learning to help others around them feel more comfortable. They can also expect to enjoy canvas painting, lite bites, kiddie cocktails, face painting and more!

"I understand that a new school year can bring social anxiety to kids, from new schools, new teachers, and new friends. Our fun networking mixer will give them an opportunity to practice interacting with new faces in a fun and less intimidating environment" Founder Nellisa Heath

You can purchase tickets to FGL's VIP paint and SIP mixer by visiting the link below.

To learn more about Fancy Girl Lifestyle's event and or how to become a partner, email


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