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The Heath Dolls takes you inside Sky Zone Trampoline Park!

Trampoline parks are popping up all around the Chicagoland area but we're here to set the record straight, they are not all created equal.

Sky Zone sets the bar high by giving children the freedom to run, jump and play on a unique mix of attractions, including Ninja Courses that spark friendly competition; the Toddler Zone, a perfect place for the youngest jumpers to play; springy Air Courts that give guests of all abilities an extra boost while shooting baskets or scoring soccer goals; Drop Zones that provide a soft landing for the most fearless fliers; interactive iWalls that immerse players in a full-body play experience; and incredible Zip Lines that send riders soaring across the park.

Sky Zone is also the ultimate location for birthday, team and school parties – with set up, clean up and hosting included. Sky Zone also offers parents many other options to keep their kids in on the action all year round, including memberships that provide daily access, exclusive savings and invitations to members-only events. Right now at select locations you can purchase a Summer pass that cost less than 3 regular visits.

To learn more about Sky Zone locations and or to purchase tickets, memberships, Summer passes or book your next birthday celebration visit

Check out exclusive footage of The Heath Dolls as they give you an inside look at Sky Zone's Orland Park Location!

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